J.A.C.K.-Deletist and TRASHED ON FICTION-“ Words Trails Maps”

I don’t want to be mundane by making facile comparisons, but J.A.C.K.’s debut, “Deletist,” skillfully walks a line between late ‘80s/early ‘90s punk and mid-‘90s alternative rock. Think Live meets Fugazi: Heavy, bass-driven songs with blazing guitar solos and a real vocalist, i.e., someone with range who can actually hit notes. Every time one of their songs would begin, with a creeping bassline and pops of menacing guitar, I kept expecting a hoarse scream that never came. Which is not to say that lead vocalist Scott Holland can’t shred razor line. He can, and does, with great skill and enthusiasm. Deletist is a fun and intense burst of alt-rock punk. On Yabyum records.

Rainbow Blood



I also want to take a moment to recognize the new album from Trashed on Fiction, a loud rock and roll band outta Jersey and Brooklyn. I’ve only had the chance to listen to it once, but I’m really digging it. It’s woth a spin if you dig Paul Westerberg, Pavement, and rusty, gutsy rock like that.



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