JOE STRUMMER-“Germany Calling”

This is an 8/21/99 1999 Strummer show, a time when Joe had finished working through most of his post-Clash, anti-Mick demons, had done his dirty deeds with The Pogues, and finally hit his stride with a new band.  This show is awesome quality, and you’ll find a version of London Calling with a flaming solo, a Rock the Casbah with incredible keyboard work, and cool German banter from Joe.  Oh, and the version of White Man is virtually acappella at the start, and is more ska than any version I’ve ever heard.

A truly amazing show.  One of my favorites.

From the Bizarre Festival, Colognemost, Germany.

Set list:

London Calling

X-Ray Style

Rock the Casbah

White Man

Yalla Yalla

Brand New Cadillac

I Fought the Law

Tommy Gun



Muttering about ZZ Top.


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