Fans of the dreamy, grungy psychedelia that was The Stone Roses will recognize “Elephant Stone” as a song title, and though there similarities, the five-piece by the same name is hardly a tribute band.  The debut album from Montreal’s Elephant Stone is a wonderful trip, a collection of creamy, gentle pop songs that sounds a heck of a lot like the sum of its talented parts: Bandleader Rishi Dhir is formerly of The High Dials, and he’s brought along with him his sitar and members The Besnard Lakes and The Dears.  And, yes, a little Stone Roses for good measure.  These are songs Dhir wrote for The High Dials over the past years, but he’s chosen to release them here, recorded the way he wants to do it.  Well worth the wait.

The Seven Seas

Bonus Cover:

Every Breath You Take-The Police (YSI)

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