Lemonwilde compare themselves to Radiohead, but I’m hearing a much more improvisational, almost jazzy vibe here. Something closer to The Diggs. You know, the kind of moody indie rock that has a vague sense of menace and evokes a feeling that anything can happen—but probably won’t. It’s a lot like the sound of the Buffy The Vampire T.V. Series’ soundtrack album (which featured a great cover of “Wild Horses,” by the way), which might be why they recently asked to play a party for Sarah Michelle Gellar. The opening cut, “Just This Ashtray,” is a dramatic effort, laden with emotion and vocals with the weight of Robbie Robertson. Other songs are jazzy and offer more instrumental improvisation, allowing the band to stretch out and fill the space.
This is good stuff, and if you want the whole EP, signed by the band, be one of the first three people to send me an e-mail with your address and “Lemonwilde EP” as the subject line.  You won’t be sorry you did it!

The rest of you can stream their newest EP, “Red Room,” at their Myspace page.  Leave a comment to tell them you heard about it here, so that when they get famous (and they very well might) they’ll owe Berkeley Place a debt of gratitude.

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