THE CLASH-2/17/84

Haven’t spread Clash love recently, so I thought I’d throw this one up.  It’s from a show in Stockholm, Sweden, from February 17, 1984.  Audience recording, not great quality but not terrible either.  What makes it cool is some of the song choices are ones I haven’t heard often.  A few tastes then a zip.  Dig it.

London Calling
Safe European Home
Know Your Rights
Are You Ready For War
Rock the Casbah
Sex Mad World
The Guns of Brixton
The Dictator
Complete Control
White Man in Hammersmith
This is England
Police and Thieves
Three Card Trick
This is Radio Clash
Janie Jones
I Fought the Law
Glue Zombie
Tommy Gun
We are the Clash
Brand New Cadilac
Armagideaon Time
I’m so bored with the USA
English Civil War
White Riot


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