THE DEVOTED FEW-“ Baby, You’re A Vampire”

“Trigger Fingers” has a little bit of Elvis Costello and a little bit of Fine Young Cannibals—the sound of ‘70s punk meeting ‘90s production, tossing a ska beat with dramatic, arena rock songwriting.  It’s a song that needs to be played loud, with special attention to the frantic drumming and urgent rhythm guitar.  It’s a great introduction to The Devoted Few’s new album, “Baby, You’re A Vampire,” a work that earns a place on the shelf next to New Pornographers, The Head Set, and Tapes N Tapes.  Ben Fletcher (former guitarist for Sarah Blasko) crafted a collection of fantastic songs and, wisely, turned them over to producer Jacquire King (Kings Of Leon, Modest Mouse), whose skills at the mixing board are evident throughout.  It’s easy to review the band referentially, tossing the afore-named artists in with Bell X1, Eskimo Joe, Bloc Party . . . It’s a familiar sound, but done far better than the vast majority of bands out there
trying to make modern indie rock.  The songs swell and pulse, there’s excitement behind every note, meaning in every lyric, and raw energy coursing through every muscle, every vein, and every sinew.

It’s hard to find out much about this band, and that’s a damn shame.  It may be because they’re stuck in Australia with the U.S.A. blues, yet again, as this is their third album and it screams, beats and kicks the wall, and demands to be heard.  They need a world tour.  Now.

Don’t Listen to Us

Tom Said


Screaming Trees-I Nearly Lost You (acoustic version) (YSI)


Self Esteem (Offspring cover)-Veronica Maggio (YSI)

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