MEMPHIS REIGNS (Free album!), WOODHANDS (Free cover!), AND TOUBAB KREWE (Free remix!)

In this three-for-one post, I’m going first to the new album by Memphis Reigns & D-Mitch, a free digital release that showcases how good myspace rappers can sometimes (but rarely) be. It’s called “Skeleton Crew Diaries,” and it features some hard, skillful rhymes mixed with several instrumentals. The band shows lots of promise, and is definitely worth your time. The great thing about the internet is we can find artists like this, who used to have to struggle even to get heard locally. Here’s one of the best tracks:

Post Script to Mars ft. Hypoetical

Here’s a yousendit link and when that goes down, they are offering it at the following sites:

Next, it’s electro band “Woodhands” cover of Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue.” Some of you may think of Eddy as a great reggae artist, and he was, but he also dabbled in pop. Remember the theme to “Romancing The Stone?” (“I’m romancing the stone/Never leaving your poor heart alone/Every night and every day/Gonna love the hurting away.” Bloody awful!)

Electric Avenue-Woodhands

Finally, it’s Toubab Krewe’s remix of Youssou N’Dour’s “Wake Up,” a charity cut for the IntraHealth OPEN Initiative, to which you can make a donation here.

Wake Up and Let it Go

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