GAY ZOMBIE MOVIE: Otto; Or, Up With Dead People

I’m not usually one to write based solely on a few mp3s and a press clipping, but when something comes to me promoted as a gay zombie flick, I have to pass it along. Here’s what I know:

Bruce La Bruce helmed gay zombie flick Otto; Or, Up With Dead People to be released on DVD next month following MOMA debut and nationwide theatrical run. This is from the press release:

Canadian director Bruce LaBruce, the man behind such gay-themed, controversial films as Hustler White and The Raspberry Reich recently premiered his latest and most accomplished film to date, Otto; Or Up With Dead People at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art in October, 2008. Obviously, John Waters was in attendance.

The film is a brand new, exceptional addition to the zombie genre that renounces the most obvious clichés, with LaBruce letting his protagonist – gay punk zombie Otto – ramble and roam the streets of Berlin until he finds himself cast for a low budget flick. Wrapping up a traveling nationwide theatrical run this month, Otto will make its debut on DVD in February.

While watching the film, music fans will notice more than 50 international tracks and sounds! After careful selection, Berlin-based label Crippled Dick Hot Wax presents the movie’s official soundtrack (featuring 14 tracks and available on CD or 2XLP), taking us on a truly crazy acoustic rollercoaster ride. Despite the artists glaring differences, the result is a surprisingly coherent, compact and homogeneous compilation.

Here’s some info about the soundtrack:

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Otto: Or, Up With Dead People Soundtrack

Label: Crippled Dick Hot Wax

Sample tracks:

No Bra – Doherfucker (direct link mp3)

The Homophones – Everyone’s Dead (direct link mp3)

And, in related news, a star of the film is releasing an EP:

Artist: Black Peter Group

Title: Its F**cked Up EP

Label: Gulp Communications

Goody Two Shoes (direct link mp3) (Adam Ant cover)

Its F**ked Up (direct link mp3)

And the video to “It’s Fucked Up”:

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