Cali rapper Tunji, who goes by “Inverse,” wants you to hear the new EP, “So True,” so badly that he’s giving it away! It’s a very laid back record, as you might guess from the roster of producers and guests. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Rise and Shine [produced by Cook Classics]
2. So True feat. Deacon (of CunninLynguists) [produced by Decapbeats]
3. SunnyCalifornia Part 2 [produced by Adam Berg & Cook Classics]
4. Spark My Soul feat. Substantial [produced by Kno]
5. Beautiful City [produced by Cook Classics]
6. Goodnight Goodnight [produced by Kno]

I’m not familiar with Inverse, but this EP is impressive. So laid back it’s practically horizontal, the key track is “So True,” which features Deacon of Cunnylinguists. It has a smooth ‘90s West Coast flow with a hook that’s straight up Nate Dogg, but the fade out has scratching, which you’ll never hear on a Dr. Dre production. The mix of styles works well—it’s radio ready, hot and buttery. “Rise and Shine” is another really hot track that sounds like a single, with a gentle R&B hook behind the hook: “Something like a day like this makes me wanna raise my fist!” Another interesting juxtaposition. “Rise and Shine” is lyrically the best song on the record, hands down. I don’t think anything else here will blow you away, but it should still satisfy. Great for a drive, good for a session on the couch with a lady, and a solid, promising EP.
Try So True.
Full EP (link one)

Full EP (link two)

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