I can’t believe I haven’t done this one yet! The indie and indie-minded love to cover some Petty. He may be terrible at taxes, but he’s great at writing songs.

The zip file does NOT have the direct-linked ez archive songs in it; just the savefile ones.

A is for Tom’s most famous song . . . American Girl-Melora Creager

B is for Backyard Tire Fire’s tribute to this great songwriter . . .Tom Petty-Backyard Tire Fire

C is for Change the Locks-Keller Williams. The only song on this list where I haven’t actually heard TP do it.

D is for Free Falling-Brian Dolzani. Lots of covers of this song. I like this one the best: Freefallin’-Death Cab For Cutie.

E is for Even The Losers (Petty cover)-Jason Isbell of The Drive-By Truckers. From June 9, 2005. Jason puts on a great live show.

F is for Running Down a Dream-Tony Furtado

G is for gag, which most Mayer songs make me do . . .Free Fallin-John Mayer

H is for hearts. You Got Lucky-Black Heart Procession

I is for I Need to Know-Local H. Local H’s whole Petty set can be found here. They did 6 Petty songs in total.

J is for Free Fallin’-Jarflys.

L is for Listen to Her Heart-Fastball

M is for American Girl-Pat McGee Band.

O is for One Song, Many Versions. Mary Jane’s Last Dance-Ari Hest. Probably my least favorite Tom Petty single, this version kicks ass over the original. It gives the song some much-needed balls. It’s kind of shocking to me, though, how many people have covered the tune.

MJLD-Curtis Peoples

MJLD-Justin Trawick

MJLD-Rusty Starz

MJ’s Last Dance-Flatlander

Strangefolk’s version


P is for peace! American Girl-Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

R is for Rebels-Drive-By Truckers.

S is for Time to Move On-Jon Shain.

T is for two-for-one. A cool mash up of two unlikely folks, one pure R&B pop, and the other Tom. If I Were a Free Fallin’ Boy (Beyonce “If I Were a Boy” vs. Tom Petty “Free Fallin’”)-DJ Earworm.

V is for You Got Lucky-Venice Is Sinking

W is for Listen To Her Heart-Wilco

X is for It’s Xmas All Over-Young Sinclairs.

Y is for You Wreck Me (Tom Petty)-Holler! A lesser known tune, not great, but solid. I was very surprised to find two covers of it . . . You Wreck Me-Revolutionary Side Effects

Z is for Zip File!

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