“If the News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch It,” the first song on Broken Records’ debut EP, is a spot-on Killers interpretation. But the good Killers, not the bad Killers. In other words, the Killers that aspire to be Bruce “Born in the U.S.A.” Springsteen, not the Killers that aspire to be Bruce “Tom Joad” Springsteen. In fact, when I first heard it, I thought it was a leaked track. It’s got everything: It pops immediately, it’s got the slowed down, romantic bridge, crystal clear vocals, power riffs, and crashing drums. It’s a great song, even if it is a bit derivative. But it doesn’t prepare me for “A Good Reason,” a wild, careening, insane Modest Mouse kinda cut, with heavy Scottish sound and a hook that is guaranteed to lock into your skull. From there, the EP has a scant two more songs, and both are wonderful. “Lies” is passioned, with stellar vocals, and “Slow Parade” features a disarming falsetto, evolving into an arena-style ballad.
The big sound here is due in large part to the size of the group: 7 dudes from Edinburgh, Scotland. The core of the group has been playing together for about two years, so it makes sense that they are well-coordinated and fine tuned. There’s nothing raw here, nothing that needs improvement. They’re ready for radio NOW!
Here is a band with a ton of promise. Right now, they’re selling their EP on their MySpace page. It’s the only way to get it, unless you’re lucky enough to catch a show. Support this D.I.Y. indie band, and buy the record. You will not be disappointed.

A Good Reason


The Kids Are All Right

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