If you’re a fan of the classic rock and blues sounds of rootsy growlers like Steve Earle or Fred Eaglesmith, you might enjoy “ Bad Days Ahead,” the latest release by Michael Dean Damron, formerly of the band I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House. It’s Damron’s second solo album, and his first with Thee Loyal Bastards, a backing band comprised of members of Eels, The Wipers, and Fireballs of Freedom. It’s pretty much nonstop barnburners, with nothing shocking or new, but with every song sounding tried and true. There’s nothing polished or clean—it’s raw, honest, singer-songwriter rock and roll. And I like it. Particularly “Andy Gibb” (dl link below), a song about a dude with hair like a certain Bee Gee poster boy. It’s funny, cool, and a sweet party tune.
To Get To Heaven

Andy Gibb

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