1. A new-to-me live Southern rock blog, Southern Shelter, is kicking major ass. Among many other things, they posted shows by The Melvins and an entire “Wings” tribute show by Hi Hi Hi. (I know that sounds bad, but it’s actually pretty nerdcool, especially for alt-rockers.

My Generation (The Who cover)-The Melvins

Star Spangled Banner-The Melvins

Live And Let Die (wings cover)-Hi Hi Hi

Maybe I’m Amazed-Hi Hi Hi

2. There’s always great stuff at Jeff’s passionate site, but in addition to posting the video for The Fat Boys’ underappreciated gem, “All You Can Eat,” he just wrote an essay on the 10 songs nobody should have sex to ever again (and recommended alternatives). I agree with all his choices, but I’d have to add Coldplay to the list. Not only is the band a lame excuse for soft lovecore, but Snow Patrol does it better.

Yellow (Coldplay cover)-Petra Haden

3. Aquarium Drunkard is another site I always dig. He recently posted the Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash sessions, which I posted a long time ago myself (when I was still posting on RIAA artists). If you haven’t heard these, you need to go pick it up.

4. Fong Songs is under assault. Go show him some love and support. He’s one of the better covers-only bloggers out there nowadays.

5. CYSTS has started a “Gift Guide” series, presumably to do his part to stimulate the economy. The first entry is a list of T-Shirt stores. He left off, but other than that, spot on!

6. Will I Stay Remix feat. Wale & Dallas Austin, Produced by Colin Munroe. From Munroe’s upcoming mixtape, to come on Dec. 1.

And I’ll leave you with this, the first video off Zilla’s free mixtape:

“Sick F***”
Zilla Rocca (prod. by Evolve One)
Directed by Tone Bone

Remember: Cop the whole thing, free, here.

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