I’m betting that ph10’s latest release, Is best heard in a club with a half naked skinny chick, covered in sweat, writhing against the listener’s thigh. And although you might say that about any number of albums, it seems particularly true of this drum-N-bass jungleland of sonic force, which seems to serve no purpose other than to move the crowd. I’ve read that their stage performances include lots of visuals and “strange occurrences including strobe light helmets and dancers wrapped in vacuum hoses.

Uh huh.

The band originally hailed from Brooklyn, a sure way to get a mention on my page, but has recently moved to Denver. I don’t know what the seedy underground club market is like there, but the move is B-town’s loss.

Enter the Underground (feat. Pete Miser and Jamalski)

For more info or purchasing info, go here.

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