Excuse me while I rant . . .

Recently, a commenter accused me of being a music snob and not liking Bloc Party just because it wasn’t independent. Although he was not polite in his comment, comparing me to a bodily odor in fact, I feel the need to respond: My primary reason for posting independent artists exclusively is that the major labels don’t play nice in the internet playground. They have made it clear that they do not want the help of bloggers unless the bloggers do exactly what the labels say. My second reason is that the vast, vast majority of bands on major labels sound the same. There have been a few exceptions this year, most notably Nas and My Morning Jacket, but those exceptions only prove the rule (especially given the problems Nas had releasing his “untitled” album with a title consistent with his artistic vision). My third reason is that independent artists generally have more drive–less money–and need the help.

As for me being a music snob, of course I am. Who the hell else would spend so many hours a week listening to and writing about music? Are folks who listen to music from a major label and review it for major newspapers any less snobs? I don’t think so.

I know I shouldn’t dignify internet tough guys with a response, and usually I don’t, but sometimes they are so . . . Irritating.

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