1. Bloc Party’s new album, “Intimacy,” has officially leaked. They’re streaming four songs on their site, and it’s everywhere on Hype Machine. From what I’ve heard so far, it ain’t worth a buy. And this is from a guy who rated their first two albums as being among the 10 or 20 best of their respective years. So far, the only song I’ve been real impressed with, out of all the tracks I’ve heard, is “signs.” There’s a couple other decent cuts (“One Month Off,” notably). But nothing else sounds new. I suspect this is because . . .

2. . . . They sold out to a major label, so now their trying to recapture an old sound instead of create a new one. Guys, your first record was a postpunk anti-establishment gem. Even if the songs were mostly love songs, who can forget a tune like “Helicopter,” a cry not to conform, not to be crushed, not to be . . . Old. These days, few artists can accomplish such artistic sentiment while under the grip of a major label.

Helicopter-Bloc Party

2. The new album is formulaic. Bloc Party was never known for variety, but at least they used to have passion. Now they just sound like We Are Scientists. And not the good WAS. I mean the current version of that band.

3. They aren’t heroic anymore. I don’t see cool bands being able to make something fresh out of the new batch of songs.

Luno (BP cover)-DFA1979.

4. They used to make simple songs . . .

This Modern Love (Acoustic)

5. That lent themselves towards cool remixes . . .

This Modern Love (Dave P & Adam Sparkles Making Time Remix)

6. But the new songs lack the complexity of their old material–stuff that could be faithfully covered and yet turned into something special by the new artist.

The Prayer (BP cover)-KT Tunstall.

7. I mean, does anyone really see hip English bands covering the new material, other than those who simply want to generate buzz?

Pioneers (BP cover)-Mysery Jets

8. What about under-the-bubble bands? Do you think the new material will really generate veneration?

Banquet (BP cover)-Slowbear the Great

9. I’m sure a lot of you will say, “The new album is cool! Don’t be such a hater! You’re just jealous! You suck!” To all of you, I say listen to this . . .

Storm and Stress-Bloc Party

10. . . . And then get back to me. Is anything on the new album that good? I say we all go out and buy another copy of Silent Alarm. There must be some new kid on your floor who hasn’t heard it yet. Spread the word about how good this band really should be.

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