Radars to the Sky’s debut EP begins with “Long Walk Home,” a fuzzy, charming duet that has all the importance and hook of the best indie rock singles. Male lead vocalist Andrew Spitser falls somewhere between David Byrne and Stephen Malkmus, while wife/keyboardist Kate Post Spitser’s voice has an airier, more pleasant quality. Together, they bounce between solid rhythm guitar and unexpectedly delicious riffs. For me, track two, “I Might,” is the real revelation here: The drumming is some of the best around, and the fast pace and booming vocal tracks show off the best parts of this excellent new band. The use of two distinct and distinctly different vocals is an unusual choice in indie rock, and it serves this band well. We never get too Morrissey-ed out by Andrew, and Kate’s voice alone would likely be swallowed by the massive heft of the power chords and rhythm section.

I’ve got high hopes for this group. They’re on to something. This may be the best EP of 2008.

I Might


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