ONEIDA-“Preteen Weaponry”

It sounds like Wolfmother tuning up! Oneida’s “Preteen Weaponry” is a CD with just three “songs”, each of which clocks in at over ten minutes in length. You might call it a jam session, much like the extended spacey blues jams that the Grateful Dead started doing in 1966. But it’s more accurately called a noiserock symphony, almost entirely instrumental, and was recorded over the course of one day. Every part is precise–there are no mistakes, no happy coincidences–although it has a purely improvisational feel. This is not an easy album to listen to, but it is quite rewarding. Jajaguwar offers part of the album as a sample, but you cannot understand it unless you listen to the entire thing, straight through, in one sitting.

Doing that will be one of the more rewarding musical half-hours you will spend this year.

Preteen Weaponry (edit)

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