Two releases from one of the best indie labels in the business . . .

BOWERBIRDS-“In Our Talons”

The Bowerbirds make the kind of folk music you’d expect from this label: Low-key and anything but bright and hopeful. “In Our Talons” has all the vocals you’d expect from an old-fashioned folk tune (think Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell), complete with “dee dee dee” harmonies, but over it all is a churning menace—an acoustic guitar recorded low and gravelly. Take a listen: If you like this song, you’ll love this album.

In Our Talons

LORD DOG BIRD-“Lord Dog Bird”

The mystical moniker that serves as both the name of the band and the name of their debut album is no coincidence: Lord Dog Bird is strange and medieval. It is the product of guitarist Colin McCann, who wrote it while his band Wilderness (on the Jagjaguwar label) was on extended hiatus. It sounds like most of what you’ll find on his band’s label: Emotionless, slightly sad, drone-y, and somewhat creepy. Although McCann is a guitar player by trade, and the guitar work is the star here, you’ll also find plenty of good keyboard work. An interesting work from an always interesting label.

The Gift of Song in the Lion’s Den

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