It’s not until “Give Up On Ghosts,” the third track from their self-titled debut, that the band Computer vs. Banjo begins to live up to its experimental name. The first few songs on the album are mellow, almost bluesy rock tunes, but “Ghosts” has subtle overdubs, machine-driven music, vocal effects . . . Yes, it’s a little like Beck. Scratch that, a lot like Beck. But Mr. Hansen ain’t what he used to be, and anyway CvB have their own message to offer. They move the folktronica genre forward, with something often missing from such music: Tight songwriting.

“Outer Space” is a loving song that manages eighties’ angst (think Rick Astley) and true, beautiful sadness at the same time. No small feat! And the lyrically cliche “Magazine Queen” sounds fresh in the able musical hands of this experimental duo.

Check ‘em out!

Give Up On Ghosts

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