I’m overwhelmed with submissions, and something’s got to give. I’m going to have to get more selective about the bands I write about, but for now I’m going to give briefer mentions to a few neat sounds I’ve heard lately . . .

ELUCID-“Step Careful”

The kind and generous folks at Loosie offer another free, underground rap tune. “Step Careful” has original beats–it’s a preview track from Elucid‘s soon-to-be-released summer album, “Save Yourself.” The music isn’t the focus here–it’s solid, but it’s not showy–the star is Elucid. The man knows how to spit a rhyme. Check it out. Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to review the full album when it comes out. Stay tuned.

Elucid- Step Careful

And don’t forget to check out his “Smash And Grab” mixtape, free of charge!

Get it here (right click and save as)!

ALABAMA 3-“Hits and Exit Wounds”

You know them as the dudes who made the theme to Sopranos. (Check out the “Woke Up This Morning” video here!) But a listen to their recent album (sort of a best of) shows that they’re like an electronic version of Waylon Jennings.

You can stream the entire new collection here!

And this isn’t from the album, but it’s cool, and related.

Got URself a Gun-NaS.

AYLA BROOK-“After the Morning After”

I really enjoyed this album of kinda-Americana, great songwriting, cool tunes. An album marked by surprises and consistent quality.

Sweater Song

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