Last Year, Mick Jones of The Clash released the official, physical Carbon/Silicon album, “The Last Post,” after releasing a series of free digital EPs on their website. (For those who don’t know, the band also includes Tony James of Generation X, but this is my Clash-related post for this week, so Mick gets top billing.) The band’s generous and free releases made them an instant favorite of mine, even if the music wasn’t quite where it needed to be in those releases. The aptly named “Last Post” was solid, though, and the band is good live. How do I know? The same way you’re about to. This is the underground album Casino III, a live set by C/S.

A few tastes and a zip.

The Magic Suitcase
Notting Hill Tube
Global War on Culture
Tell It Like It Is
Reason to Believe
Poem-William Blake “The Smile”
Soylent Green
Oil Well
Acton Zulus
Berlin Airport
What the Fuck?
Why Do Men Fight
Junco Pardner w/Tymon Dogg
Really the Blues w/Tymon Dogg
Network’s Gong Down w/Tymon Dogg


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