BELLA NOIR-“Premonitions” (EP)

Broooooooooklyn!!! Bella Noir are one of the best things since bagels to come out of the Big Apple’s best borough. And they’re not at all what you’d expect—there’s no growling over hooks, they’re not a power trio, they’re not even terribly masculine. So what are they? They’re a quartet that leans towards swirling atmosphere, turn-on-a-dime time changes, and truly incredible drumming.

Give opening track “Try” time. At first, the airy vocals and Luna-style guitar seem at odds with the tribal drumming, but as the song builds, it takes over the room, becoming something large and organic. There’s fascinating interplay here between sounds that appear to be at odds with each other, in some ways akin to the sound experimentation performed by The Grateful Dead, only with a 2000s indie flavor instead of psychedelia. After that obtuse introduction, the band settles in with “Stand Closer,” a far more linear track, which showcases the sexy and sultry voice of lead singer Wilneida. The guitar-synth combo on “On The Floor” is also well worth multiple listens. Each time, if you close your eyes, you’ll find new rewards.

The music on “Premonitions” is flawless and dreamlike. I’ve listened to this EP at least five times already, and I can’t remember a single hook or lyric. Because every time, I just get lost in the sound.

Stand Closer


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