UNSACRED HEARTS-“In Defense of Fort Useless”

Unsacred Hearts make the kind of punk your dad probably listened to–the kind that kicked out of dirty amps covered in Black Flag stickers, back in the early 80s. The kind with humorous, pseudo-country sounds, a la The Dead Kennedys. The kind Fugazi used to make, before Ian went and formed the spectacularly underrated band, The Evens. The kind from the soundtrack to Repo Man. The kind you should listen to, now! There’s not a single weak track here.

The lead track, “Point of Pride,” is the most straightforward cut on the record, which is probably typical of singles. Don’t think that it’s representative of the album. The next cut, “Somewhere Deep in NYC,” begins with a Tom Waits-like beat and then turns into a raucous, Replacements-style party. (“Will You Be Coming Back To Me” is even more Waitsy.) Other tracks have obvious influences ranging from 60s garage rock and Bob Dylan to The Clash and The Ramones.

From the album:

Point of Pride

From their out-of-print 2004 debut (available on iTunes and eMusic):

I Was Raised to Be Polite and Kind

Stuck Inside a Mobile Home With The Mansion Blues Again (Bob Dylan tribute)

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