Pennsylvania’s MilkBoy Recordings just released Calvin Badness’ wonderful, whimsical, versatile debut album. Using a wide variety of instruments and musical styles, this is a record that continually stretches, experiments, and surprises. The vocals are not only are the voices strange (think: B52s) but the vocal choices are unique. Where most singers would push and wail, Kara j. (formerly of ExactlyWatt) and Sean McPhillips seem to banter, even on duets. Songs like “Aliens” are humorous and provocative, but mostly propulsive. The primary goal of the band seems to be to keep your heart racing and your toes tapping. “Just on TV” starts with an accelerating drum beat and never lets go. “Mr. Jones” is another bouncy ditty. It seems to about somebody who made a big mistake, but I can’t quite tell what. And the song makes me smile. I suspect it’s ironic. I dunno. I just like it. That about sums up Calvin Badness for me: I have no idea what they’re about, but I really dig ‘em.


Just on TV

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