ASTER-“Some Things Seldom Heard Of”

Texas-based Aster’s 2007 release, “Some Things Seldom Heard Of,” is actually, apparently, a 2008 release. Go figure. But whatever year you put it down in, it’s worth your eartime. I’m not going to call it shoegazer, because it’s much more than simply soaring. Yeah, it’s lush, with light and airy vocals, trippy beats, and piano swells–the works–but the music has a richness and texture I don’t usually get from shoegazer.

I’m really enjoying this CD, but I’m finding it really hard to write about. Howzabout you all check out these two tracks, or go stream it, and write your own reviews, in the comments.

Some Things Seldom Heard Of


Stream the whole album here!

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