REED KD-“Ashes Bloom”

“Let’s build a wall between/All of the kerosene/So we can juggle road flares/In the yard.” The lines come in the verse that bursts out of a more subdued lament (“Maybe this time I’ll get lucky and you’ll mean all the things you say to me”) on “Road Flares,” off of Reed KD’s “Ashes Bloom” album, a really solid singer-songwriter collection of folk-rock love songs. Reed can be likened to Simon & Garfunkel, or maybe acoustic Death Cab for Cutie (in musical style only—his vocalization is entirely different). All these comparisons are somewhat apt, but above all he’s got his own voice. He eschews witty lyrics for insightful ones, and avoids long musical flourishes, preferring instead to pack many deep thoughts into each song, forcing the listener to constantly ask, “What did he say?” and back up a few seconds to catch it again. This is true poetry, set to guitar, and a sweet gem. Perfect music for a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper.

Road Flares

Maybe By Morning

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