Today, we capture that most elusive of prey: A high quality, well-played, and not synced to tape live rap show, featuring one of the top 5 rappers around today: Ghostface. I’ll be beginning my year-end wrap up in a few weeks, and I’m sad to say that Ghostface’s More Fish will not be on it. It was a good album, but nowhere near as good as Fishscale, and not better than 40 other albums that came out this year. So, I’m throwing this up as a consolation prize. GFK is truly one of the greatest in the game today. Backing him at this show is The Roots, the same folks who backed Jay-Z on his live acoustic album.

A few tastes, and a zip. Enjoy.

01. Ice Cream (Originally with Raekwon, from the classic mixtape Cuban Linx)
02. Pass The Mic (Theodore Unit)
03. Greedy Bitches
04. Daytona 500
05. Fish
06. Set It Off (Big Daddy Kane cover).
07. Holla (Chorus)
08. Biscuits
09. Nutmeg> Apollo Kids
10. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (cover of Ol’ Dirty Bastard)
11. C.R.E.A.M. (Wu Tang/Raekwon and Inspektah Deck)
12. No, No, No (Chorus)
13. Cher Che Le Ghost (Also performs U- God’s verse)
14. Back Like That
15. Run


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