GEORGE BYRNE-“Foreign Water”

Raise your hand if you remember my big post on Australia’s indie label, Laughing Outlaw Records. No? Well, I guess that’s understandable. We post a lot of music here, and it was a big post with lots of artists on it.

Well, it would be a crime if George Byrne were to get lost in that shuffle. Of all the artists profiled in that post, Byrne has stuck with me the most. He has a smooth voice and music that is deceptively simple, like Ryan Adams (when he was good) and Calexico, and bands like that. “Light Years,” posted below, sends me dreaming every time I hear it. Both of the songs below are somewhat moody, but he’s also got a few faster numbers, like the uptempo “Tongue Tied,” complete with handclaps. Twelve songs about love, loneliness, heartbreak and being human. This album is worth hearing, worth buying, and worth keeping.

Light Years

Everybody Hides

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