The Sopranos is over.   So where does the cast go now?

James Gandolfini will be in some crappy movies, disappear for a few years into the theater, then reemerge in a Tarantino movie.

Just like his character, AJ, Robert Iler will be useless, trying out for the movie version of Married With Children as boy Bundy.  He will fail the audition and end up in rehab.  In 2012, he’ll be born again and selling real estate.

Meadow is naked in Playboy within 10 years.  Don’t even bother to learn the actress’ name.  There’s no point.  The cover will call her “Meadow.”

Uncle Junior is already dead.  He died at 10:04 on Sunday.

Edie Falco never gets a big role again, but has a future on Broadway.

And Paulie signs with Fox to do a sitcom about a mob boss.

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