821120-poster.jpgThe Beastie Boys used to be a punk band. Now they make instrumentals. In honor of their great new release, The Mix Up (which will not be reviewed on this site as it is a major label release), I’m posting the infamous “Ratcage Records Benefit,” a 1982 show from the Boys’ punk days. It’s raw and rough, but the quality is pretty good and it’s a classic. Plus, they do their infamous version of House of The Rising Sun.

A few tastes and a zip. Enjoy.

01. Beastie Boys 1:37
02. Untitled Song 1:53
03. Transit Cop 1:29
04. Jimi 1:22
05. Holy Snappers 1:31
06. Untitled Song 2:33
07. Ode To… 1:30
08. I Don’t Want To Fight 1:26
09. House Of The Rising Sun (The Animals) 1:59
10. Michelle’s Farm 1:31
11. Sampson Is King 2:22
12. Riot Fight :48
13. Egg Raid On MoJo 1:31

Beastie Zip.

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