MEA CULPA (Ben Gibbard 5.13.07)

Yesterday, I hastily threw up Ben Gibbard covering Billy Bragg. Only I didn’t. That’ll teach me to post on the fly. Turns out the show I received was badly tagged. They didn’t do Bragg, but they did do a new song. A really good new song. That sounds nothing like Billy Bragg.


To make up for it, the tags are fixed, here’s the whole show. It’s pretty good quality, if you don’t mind a little bass. And you’ll have to figure out for yourself what order he played the tunes in.

Ben Gibbard–5/13/07

To Sing For You (Donovan) / Brand New Colony

Title And Registration


We Will Become Silhouettes

Why You’d Want To Live Here

Casino Blues

Crooked Teeth

Passenger Seat

You Remind Me Of Home


The Ice Was Getting Thinner (new song!)

Soul Meets Body

Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)

A Lack of Color

All Apologies (Nirvana cover)

I Will Follow You Into The Dark.

Recyled Air

Such Great Heights

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