My regular readers know how much I dig the Drunk Country. I like the e-mails they send me almost as much as I love the beautiful, brief instrumentals attached to them. Here’s one now, announcing a podcast and providing yet another great musical piece.

Hello & that.

Just a quick-as-you-like to let you know that, as an extension of the previously (& downright cheekily) B[erkeley] P[lace] comment-post notification of the Drunk Covers “project”, perpetrated by one half of
Drunk Country & Hope Eternal via the lovely The Waiting Room (, one half of has embarked upon a side-project thus:

a Drunk Country Ramble with a Drunk Country Gent Show #1 fraudcast comes in at a little over an hour, with ramshackle ramble & anorak factoring concerning a basket of cover versions, performed by artistes at the edge of their careers (beginning & end of).

You & they may access said nonsensical fraudcast via:


& it will be available for derision & snorts for as long as it takes to do another one (about a fortnight, or so).

If you are of a mind then we, what be us, that is Drunk Country, but more specifically, one half of, would be ever so ever so if you could possibly give
the thing a nudge in the direction of your loyal readership via one of your lovely postages.

Many etcs & so ons,
a Drunk Country Gent

p.s. the theme tune (ha!) to the show just so happens to be a long-fraught ditty what we, which is us, that be DC, have had on the back burner for a while or three. it is charmingly christened aiming for the lights out at sea &, although quaint & plucky, is still a little rough around the gills. an mp3 of said gills is attached for your dubious pleasure (along with a new photo-representational of the so-called Band).

aiming for the lights out at sea (theme for a Drunk Country Gent)

p.p.s. the ‘album’ is in mid-mix mode. first draft shat big ones, & so the drawing board has been smashed & a new one is to be built to begin again begin again. news shall filter your way soonest.

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