I’m sure you all know who Tokyo Police Club are by now. If you don’t, you must have been living under a rock somewhere. They’re a brassy, punky, little band who began tearing up the blogosphere about a year ago. I posted this show when I was at my old site, but it’s been a while and I found some rare and remixed stuff by TPC, so I thought it was time to repost and share it with you all. It’s pretty much them doing most of their entire first album live. The album is pretty short, but that just means it’s not overstuffed with filler. It’s a definite must-buy–Berkeley Place’s highest recommendation.

The show:

Cheer It On (Alternate Link)

If It Works (Alternate LInk)

Citizens Of Tomorrow (Alternate Link)

Shoulders and Arms

Nature Of The Experiment

Be Good (Alternate link)

Other cool stuff:

Cheer It On (Tre Told Em Remix)-Tokyo Police Club

Citizens of tomorrow (space ballad version) (Cheer It On B-Side)

Cut cut Paste (From the Smith CD Single)

Shoulders in Arms (rare single version)

Cheer It On-Acoustic

Cheer It On-The Video

Also: Go to Bradley’s Almanac for an ’06 Boston show.

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