THE ELECTRIC SOFT PARADE-No Need to be Downhearted (+ 10 Reasons My Blog Has a Heart Full of Links!)

The Electric Soft Parade are essentially brothers Alex and Tom White. Their name is obviously of Doors-like origin (they added “Electric” when a Doors tribute band called “Soft Parade” threatened to sue them), but their music isn’t.


Now, as for Electric Soft Parade, the tunes are really interesting and varied. It doesn’t always hit, but when it does hit, it’s quite good.

Stream it here.

Or check out these mp3s:

If That’s the Case.

Appropriate Ending.

For fans of: The Kinks, Badly Drawn Boy

10 Reasons My Blog Has a Heart Full of Links!

1. Big O just updated, and they’ve got a cool Blondie bootleg from 1977, featuring Heart Full of Soul (Yardbirds) and Moonlight Drive (The Doors). Get it all here.

2. Thriller (Michael Jackson cover)-Petra Haden. Alternate link.

3. House of the Rising Sun-Cat Power.

4. Big O also has The Prince Superbowl set, for those who missed it the first time. It’s got a smokin’ (but short) version of The Best of You (Foo Fighters cover).
Check out Wolfgang’s Vault! A great new place to buy live music!

5. My blog is awesome because if you go here you can be part of history, helping the blog world pick the best indie rock albums. Also, browsing the comments makes for a neat little shopping list.

6. Yesterday, I posted that The QTip J Dilla mixtape is available for download. Today, I’m giving you a reason to get it: Common-I Used to Love H.E.R. (J Dilla mix).


8. Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams cover)-Counting Crows.

9. Because after this reason, you’ll be at the last one, which is the end of this post!

10. Frankly, I’m out of reasons today. I’m tired. Goodnight.

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