Thanks to all who’ve e-mailed or commented with entries to the list.  Because this is a transparent, D.I.Y. blog, I need to clarify a few things and change it a little.  These are the amended rules:  If you’ve already submitted a list, you don’t have to submit again (but you can if you like).

1.  The album must have been released on an indie label.  Check the album or label on the RIAA Radar on my sidebar to be certain.

2.  You can list up to 25 entries.  But the idea here isn’t to drive yourself nuts, it’s to have fun.

3.  The order of the entries doesn’t matter.  I can’t figure out a good algorithm to make the order of the entries matter.

4.  Enter by dropping a comment to this post or by e-mailing me at

5.  Get the entries to me ASAP.  I’m gonna close the rolls when I feel like I’ve gotten a healthy amount of entries.

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