I’ve enjoyed Cricket for over a year now, ever since they released a few singles to the blogosphere. They’re still looking for a label, but in the meantime they’ve brought us a truly great power-pop record, Sofa City Sweetheart. The Louisville, Kentucky, band has been rocking since 1994, although nobody who was in the band back then is still in it now. Apparently, though, it’s always had at least one of the Fields brothers in it. Also, they call themselves a power trio but their site lists four members. Whatever. All I know is that whatever the band did to form this version of itself is much appreciated on this corner.
Great stuff with a truly unique, edgy sound. Please download it and spread the word about this band. They need our support, and they’re worth it. They are the reason I do this every day: To help lesser-to-un-knowners get out there and find your ears.

Hear here!

Cast Off L.A.-Cricket

Cricket-Liquid Acid

P.S. I like this band so much, I’m gonna do this: “Jessica Alba naked” “Christina Aguilera tits” “hot monkey sex with Tyra Banks” “Julia Stiles ass”. “Scarlet Johannson’s boobs.” If that doesn’t drive people to this post, nothing will.

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