I’m about to go into the hospital (yet again!) for (yet another!) procedure. This just ain’t my year. At least today is outpatient. But before I go, I thought I’d leave you this top ten list.

10. Don’t ask me why, but I find this curiously compelling. John Brown’s (winner of The Next White Rapper) Soundboard

9. JJ Brown’s Re-Release Therapy. Ludacris vs. The Jackson 5. Y’know, Luda’s latest album was incredibly uneven–some really hot tracks mixed with too many weak ones–but this remix may be better than the real version.

8. Someone I Care About (Modern Lovers cover)-The Shins. I’m leeching this because I’m a nasty mother f-er who hasn’t eaten in two days so I’m feeling piggy and irritable.

7. Poplicks has this funny-as-hell write up of the movie 300. I started laughing when they called it “Gay Erotica.” So, so true. It’s like the opposite of Blades of glory, which sucks harder than 300 but for very different reasons.

6. Nurses with gas masks. A new kink, or just creepy?

5. So Much Silence has the Broken West’s SXSW set. Go see why this band is getting so much hype.

4. The Newport Authority mixtape is awesome. It’s got great underground rappers like Bootcamp Clik and Large Professor, on-the-bubble guys like Masta Ace, old-school flavor by Kool G Rap . . . Cop it ’cause it’s hot.

3. If you’re new to hip hop, check out Hip Hop Isn’t Dead. They don’t post mp3s, they just review albums, but the guy’s taste is pretty good and he writes well. He does full track-by-track reviews. Worth popping by if you’re a novice looking to learn, or even if you’re an old head who might have missed something here and there. Plus, it’s nice to see a rap blogger who isn’t endorsing theft of entire albums.

2. Ass Hat has an interesting post about rap rock. If you’re rocking, don’t rap. if you’re rapping, don’t rock.

1. Art Brut-Advance Cuts from their upcoming release. I’m not a huge fan, but I know lots of y’all may like it.

Later, gators.

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