I’m so psyched to post this boot. It’s from a July 30, 1995, show by Mark Lanegan, but his band is incredible: Mike Johnson and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr play the acoustic guitars; fellow former-Screaming Tree-er Barrett Martin kicks it on the upright bass; Dave Krueger bows the violin; and Dan Peters, from Mudhoney, beats the skins. The band was opening for Johnny Cash, which personally I find odd. Anyway, here’s the tunes. Hope you all enjoy!

01 The River Rise-Mark Lanegan

02 House A Home-Mark Lanegan

03 Ugly Sunday-Mark Lanegan

04 The Winding Sheet-Mark Lanegan

05 Undertow-Mark Lanegan

Revised: Alternative link. Undertow-Mark Lanegan

06 She’s Not For You (Willie Nelson cover)-Mark Lanegan

07 Mockingbirds-Mark Lanegan

08 Go Your Way My Love (Ann Briggs)-Mark Lanegan

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