BODDICKER-Big Lionhearted and the Gallant Man.

I always get in trouble when I do this, but I’m going to make a blogger confession. I’m not an Iron & Wine fan. I liked their team-ups with Calexico, and their cover of Such Great Heights, but other than that I find their music a little too . . . Wimpy for my tastes. But I really love Modest Mouse. My only complaint about them is that they’ve forsaken the indie labels that brought them up. But I can understand wanting money, so I don’t hold it against them. Their new album is hot, but you won’t hear it here.

Anyhoo, I got this envelope the other day with the words “Open now!!! It’s the newest project from Brian Deck of Modest Mouse and Iron & Wine.” At least they put MM first.

Anyway, Caleb Boddicker is the main voice on this record. He does the vocals, keyboards, and guitar. He’s barely twenty, and already is signed to the great Banter Records, a small but very tasty indie label with quite an impressive stable of indie artists. Brian Deck takes the percussion duties, but he also took the important role of producer, and his stamp is all over this quirky, short, and disjointed marvel of a record.

That’s right, I used marvel and Iron & Wine in the same sentence. I told you I liked them when they’re with the right person, and Boddicker must be the man. This is an extraordinary album of very Modest-Mousey tunes, but without the edgy gravel and with the smooth, gentle influences of Iron & Wine.

Taste these cuts. You won’t be disappointed. (Unless you’re an idiot.)

Pretty Baby (Part I)-Boddicker

Mississippi Beautiful, You Know I Love you-Boddicker

Samuel Clemens’ Grandpa-Boddicker

Interstate 55-Boddicker


Starring Midlake!

New Apostle of Hustle!

My Sword Hand’s Anger-Apostle of Hustle

Tea For Two-Bishop Allen

Down in the Valley-Broken West

    MIDLAKE 2.24.07

A show from Dallas Texas.

01. We Gathered In Spring-Midlake (live)

02. Roscoe-Midlake (live)

03. Van Occupanther-Midlake (live)

04. Bandits-Midlake (live)

05. In This Camp-Midlake (live)

06. Baloon Maker-Midlake (live)

07. Some Of Them Wre Superstitious-Midlake (live)

08. Children Of The Grounds-Midlake (live)

09. Young Bride-Midlake (live)

10. Chasing After Deer-Midlake (live)

11. Head Home-Midlake (live)


12. It Covers The Hillsides-Midlake (live)

13. Branches-Midlake (live)

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