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What makes for great hip hop? Is it the words, the flow, or the beats? There’s definitely guys who I listen to for the lyrics, even if I’m not blown away by how they say it or the music they speak over. And there are guys whose lyrics usually make no sense, but I listen because of the way it all comes together in production–I’d put MF Doom in that category, and I love that dude so much I’m wearing his mask in the masthead of this blog.

And then there are the rare gems that bring it all together. “Shades of Mary” is the best example of that so far this year.

The lyrics are terrific–there are rapidfire rhymes that hit so quick you have to hit rewind and listen again, and there’s humor (“You wanna roll or what? I wanna hit that butt.”) and wisdom (“I don’t carry a piece, but I hit my piece/Got more random drops than explosives in the Middle East/Shoutout to the Middle West/They show me love even though I’m from the far left”). Choice samples, like the familiar use of Rappin’ 4-Tay’s “Playaz Club” beats under “You Got Soul,” make this a true mixtape. In the spirit of Clipse’s genius mixtapes, Jetpack Jones seems to be saying, “I can hit your beats better than you ever did, even if you did have a hit.” Brock Berrigan’s sound collages like “Justice For All” add meaning, depth, and mood to the overall album.

Fantastic. Check it out.

Jetpack Jones – Shades Of Mary (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)

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ILLA GHEE-Social Graffiti

Where the hell has this guy been hiding?

Answer: Brooklyn.

Apparently, he’s been around for a while and served three years on a drug charge–in addition to appearing on a DJ Kay Slay mixtape.

Stream his most excellent mixtape below and download it free here.  It’s one of the best I’ve heard in years.

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BEN G-Hot Sauce

South Carolina’s Ben G offers a mixtape with an excellent first half and a not-as-excellent second half. Lots of potential here.
Get it free here.

Stream the whole thing (as one long cut) below.

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If you google Your Old Droog, you’ll see him compared to Nas quite a bit–but it’s mostly based on his delivery, not his content. (Also, he’s been signed by Nas–leading many to speculate that he actually is Nas, in disguise.) His identity, largely secret, is far more playful than Nas–but comparable in terms of skill. I was interested in Droog because, hey, any rapper who wears such a strong Clockwork Orange influence has to have something going on, right?


Get it free here.

Stream the whole thing below.


B.O.B.-No Genre 2

I was a huge Bobby Ray fan back before he got a major label deal, and I loved his first major album.  But his second…Not so much.  Maybe it’s just that he’s shown us what he can do, and he blew his best bars on his come-up tapes.  I dunno.

No Genre 2 is the sequel to his famous No Genre mixtape.  If you liked that one, you’ll like this one–you just won’t find as surprising.  It’s very good–better than most of what I get sent to me every day.  But there’s a fire missing.  There’s nothing new here.  Some rappers amaze us early but never top that first album (DMX, Nelly), others can sustain album after album (Eminem, Jay-Z).  I’m not sure which one B.O.B. is yet, but I’m willing to keep rooting for him.

Get it free from datpiff, here.



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