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I’ve been on a bit of a mash up kick lately, and this one kicks ass. Perfect blend of old and new.

And last but biggest, Kosha Dillz always gets play on this site. He’s now working with DJ Sidereal, and 18-year-old who records in Minneapolis. This is cool as hell.



If any of you knew Big Boi of Outkast was posting his own mashups every Monday and you didn’t tell me, I hate you.

For everyone else, check this out…

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TERRY URBAN-Portugal. The Man & Friends (Mash Up Album)

The other day, my wife said to me, “Is anyone doing mash ups anymore?” Seems i used to get a mash submission every week as late as last year. Maybe it’s the shakey legality of it, or maybe it was a fad that’s passed–or maybe it’s because all the young dudes these days would rather watch two minute videos than listen to music.

Or, maybe it’s because so many mash ups sucked. All they had was a hook or a couple seconds of interesting work.

I dunno.

But this one is fucking awesome.

Check it out.

Get it all here.




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