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The title of this post is not the name of an ironic screamo band.  Although if I ever start one, it’s a great contender for a moniker.  No, the title of this post refers to the fact that these days, lots of folks seem to covering Long Island’s own Sinatra.

For example, take Hussalonia.  Go here to download, for free, their cover of the entire Glass Houses album.  That’s one I played until the needle wore through the wax.  Perfect album for a ten year old boy.  Especially All For Leyna.  Nothing like comparing love to electrocution.

So, today, we post a tribute to Billy Joel covers!

A is for Anthony’s Song-Garret Anderson.  I love this song because it sums up Billy so well: A Jew who wants to be Italian.

B is for Big Shot Pimpin’-Jay Z and Billy J.

C is for Charlotte Martin’s Madman/We Didn’t Start the Fire medley.

D is for Das Racist-You Oughtta Know. Not a mash up, a sample.  And one of the best songs in this post.

E is for Ernie Halter doing the lesser known Joel song “And So It Goes.”

F is for Fire!  We Didn’t Start The Fire-Hoosiers.

G is for Guster doing “My Life.”

H is for Hi8us’ version of Movin’ Out.

I is for Italian Restaurant-Ween.  See, I know Ween are being smartasses when they cover Billy, but I just don’t care.  I’m diggin’ it.  And they do it a lot.

J is for Just the Way You Are-Brian Chartrand.  See, now this song is just bad.  A great example of a bad song.

K is for Knuck if You Buck-Crime Mobb meets Billy Joel! (A mash up.)

L is for Leyna.  Hussalonia-All for Leyna.

M is for Movin’ Out-Tanner Walle.

N is for New York State of Mind-Travis Allison Band

O is for Only The Good Die Young-After the Fall.  O is also for Downeaster Alexa-O.A.R.  See, now I think this is an ambitious song to cover…

P is for Pale Pacific’s take on Anthony’s Song.

We Didn’t Start the Fire-PLeeko.  One of my favorite live covers on this post.  I love the tacky keyboards!

Q is for Big Shot-Raq.  Look, at least there’s a Q in there….

R is for Movin’ Out-Restless Groove.

S is for Robbie Schaefer’s version of You May Be Right.

T is for Tek and Steele-Reloaded (sampling Billy Joel’s “Pressure”).

U is for The Stranger-Umphreys McGee.  Anyone out there ever see this band live?  I love their stuff on the Archive.

W is for Weezer’s “Uptown Girl” cover.

Y is for You May Be Right-Grampa’s Chili

Z is for Zip File!

And back around to A again: A is for Alternate zip!



COVERS ON FRIDAZE: George Michael, Baby! A to Z.

A is for Another A to Z post.  These used to be real popular, but I don’t seem to get as much hype from them anymore.  So, if you want them to continue, please hype me, stumble me, digg me, whatever.  A will then before Appreciate it.

No! Not THAT George Michael!

B is for Busker/Faith-Mara.  It’s also for Be Patient.  The zip file is below.

C is for Careless Whisper-The Gossip.

E is for Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (beatles/george michael)-My Brightest Diamond. Brilliant.

F is for Faith by The Boy Least Likely To.

G is for Green Tag’s Grateful Dead influenced version of I Want Your Sex.

H is for Movin’ On Up (Jeffersons)/Faith-Ernie Halter. And you will be shocked at how well these two songs blend together.

I is for Canine’s pop-punk take on I Want Your Sex.

J is for Jim James.  Careless Whisper-My Morning Jacket. How the hell does he sing this without a drop of irony?

Holy Crap! They're covering my songs!

M is for Wake Me Up Before You Go Go-Shawn Mullins.  Probably my favorite cover here.  It’s a totally different song, and yet it’s exactly the same.  This is how covers should sound.  Fanfreakingtastic.

N is for Faith-Natural Breakdown. Urgent, bluesy. Almost like if Xtina was a guy and backed by The Black Keys. Truly. You gotta hear this to believe it.

O is the shape of the holes you can drive through this A to Z. There just aren’t a lot of good George Michael covers out there…

R is for Rufus.  Careless Whisper-Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright

W is for Careless Whisper-Welcome to Florida.

Z is for a Zip file of all the songs!

Alternate link.


COVERS FRIDAZE: Phil Collins Versus Peter Gabriel Edition . . . A to Z!

The cool kids in High School all liked Peter Gabriel’s Genesis, but I always thought it was unlistenable pretentious crap.  I was a Phil Collins guy.

Actually, that’s a lie.  The cool kids in High School listened to The Fat Boys.

But I like Phil’s smooth pop songs over Peter’s pensive, depressing anthems.  And Phil is much, much, much better to cover.  And I’m not even posting the Postal Service’s famous Phil cover–which blows away just about any cover, any time, any where.

There’s a lot of live stuff here of various levels of quality, but they are all a lot of fun.  The songs I find particularly good are starred.  ‘Cause I’m a tastemaker.

A is for Another Day In Paradise (phil collins)-Copeland* vs. Ari Hest’s cover of Mercy Street.

B is for Brian Dolzani-Ain’t No Sunshine/In The Air Tonight (PC)* vs. Sledgehammer-Bridge. By the time this post is done, you’ll wonder if Peter Gabriel ever had any hits other than Sledgehammer.

C is for That’s All (Phil Collins’ Genesis)-Clare and the Reasons*

D is for David Ryan Harris’ really cool medley that includes Prince, Phil Collins, Hall & Oates . . . It’s a late 1970s/Early ’80s masterpiece!*  Way better than Digging in the Dirt (Peter Gabriel)-Sound Rabbit.

E is for In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)-EBE

G is for Guster’s In The Air Tonight* versus Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel)-Smashing Pumpkins*.  All right, this one I give to Gabriel.  This song is just so damn awesome.

H is for Sledgehammer-Herbie

I is for Invisible Touch (PC Genesis)-Magicyclops

J is for Solsbury Hill (PG)-Joshua Popejoy vs. Jimmy Swift Band’s Misunderstanding (PC Genesis).  Actually, here’s another Gabriel song that’s superior.  Misunderstanding is one of my least favorite Phil compositions.

L is for Land of Confusion (PC Genesis)-The Breakfast

M is for Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel)-Mightycondria

N is for Take Me Home (PC)-The New Familiars

O is for One Ton Tablespoon-Land of Confusion (Phil Genesis)

P is for Perpetual Groove-Digging in the Dirt (PG).

Q is for Quagmire-Sledgehammer

R is for Take Me Home (PC)-Raq vs. Mercy Street (PG)-Tim Reynolds. Yeah, I’m sure Mercy Street is a better song musically.  But given the choice, I’d listen to the Phil song any day.  For one thing, it doesn’t make me want to slit my own wrists.

S is for Sledgehammer-August Solstice

T is for Takka Takka-In the Air Tonight*

U is for Umphrey’s McGee-Abacab (PC’s Genesis)*

W is for Sledgehammer-Gene Ween Band

Z is not for Zip File.  All the above are direct downloads.  Take what you like, take ’em all, I don’t care.  Just don’t bitch at me about how much time it takes to snag ’em all.  That’s your problem.  I’m audi.



I know my blog is a little random: Funny pictures, lots of music reviews, long pieces about comic books, news about movies and TV (and comics), but I think I should be getting more props as a covers blog.  I post covers every week.  Gimme some love, blogoverse!

The Killers’ breakthrough album, Hot Fuss, was a major-label “sounds like indie” extravaganza.  I’ve listened to it probably more than 90% of the albums in my collection, and I’ve never gotten sick of it.  I know it’s overblown recycled Interpol (which itself was recycled 1980s glamgoth), but there’s nothing wrong with imitation, as long as it’s done well.  And I have to say: Hot Fuss is basically perfect.  I’m much less of a fan of Sam’s Town, and I found their most recent album dull and unlistenable.  But Hot Fuss remains genius.

Plus, most posts go up to ten.

But this one goes up to 11!


All These Things That I’ve Done-Sharleen Spiteri.  This is acoustic, but this woman’s voice is so huge that you don’t even notice.

All These Things That I’ve Done-Matt Willis.  “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” doesn’t make sense.  But every time I hear it, my heart swells.  Matt Willis’ take on this, my favorite Killers’ song, adds a Billy Idol sneer.

Mr. Brightside vs. Hudson Mohawke-Datahowler

Mr. Brightside-This Unique Museum.  This one’s a little too light and airy for my tastes.  This song is a bust-out-of-the-gate explosion, and they kinda take the energy out of it.  But at least it’s different.

Mr. Brightside-PlayRadioPlay!  The inevitable technolectronica cover.

Mr. Brightside-McFly.  Basically, the original version.  On speed.

Mr. Brightside-Amy MacDonald.  An acoustic version by a gal with an amazing voice.

Somebody Told Me-Daniel Bedingfield.  This one’s a little weird, but I reallly dig the stop-start, hard-strummed acoustic sound.

Smile Like You Mean It-David Gray

All these Things That I’ve Done-Michael Tolcher

Mr. Brightside-Jhader

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It’s time for one of those A to Z posts that you all used to enjoy so much.  I don’t do them as much anymore because I don’t get as much love for them, but sometimes, the idea is too good to pass up.  Like naming a zip file: BGSA2Z.  So here you go, a tribute to the hairy chested blonde disco kings.

A is to give you fair warning, up front that All these songs can be found in a zipfile, under Z, below.

B is for How Deep Is Your Love-The Bird and the Bee.  This band’s 2010 tribute to Hall and Oates was nothing short of revelatory.  I love these guys.

C is for Cracker’s take on Stayin’ Alive.

D is for You Should Be Dancing-Deep Blue Sun.

E is for Staying Alive-Eldissa.  Oooh!  A salsa!

F is for Feist’s cover of “Inside and Out.” Kind of a cute video . . .

G is for gibberish!  Me no speaky the language, but me can appreciate the cover . . . Icht Machte Nen Scherz-Erdmo Bel (I Started a Joke)

H is for heavy metal!  Tragedy, a metal Bee Gees cover band, is worth discovering here, for the kick factor.  Very fun. I’m offering their take on Night Fever.

I is for I Started a Joke-The Lucksmiths.  A forlorn, harmonica-and-guitar version.

J is for Jive Talking-The Breakfast. A bootleg cover. Pretty good, but not great. Still, it gives me my “J,” so I’m grateful.

K is for kid of Bob Dylan.  I Started a Joke-The Wallflowers

L is for Love Potion #9 Medley, which includes a ton of tunes: Love Potion #9 (Clovers), Ohio (CSNY), Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gees), Who Will Save Your Soul (Jewel), You Oughta Know (alanis Morissette), Barbie (Aqua), Love Shack (B52s), all by the great live band Moxy Fruvous.

M is for Mash Up!  P is for Pink Floyd!  Shut Up, Let’s Hook Up (Pink Floyd vs. The Bee Gees, with Jason Downs on vocals).

N is for Matt Nathanson–a great live performer.  Here’s a cool medley: Starfish and Coffee/Eminem/Starfish and Coffee/Stayin’ Alive/Starfish and Coffee.

O is for You Should Be Dancing-Omega Moos.  A 7-minute live jam session. Yeah, it is a little big much.

P is for pumpkins!  To Love Somebody-Smashing Pumpkins.  God, I love Billy Corgan’s voice.

R is for To Love Somebody-Ray Lamontagne.

S if for Stayin’ Alive-String Cheese Incident.

T is for Take Ur Mama Out to the Disco-Scissor Sisters (a Bee Gees remix!).

W is for Switching Alive-Will Smith and the Bee Gees.  I think the Gibbs will live forever in mash ups.

Y is for You Should Be Dancing-Juggling Suns

Z is for zipfile (see “A”).  (Mediafire.)  (Rapidshare.)

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