The title of this post is not the name of an ironic screamo band.  Although if I ever start one, it’s a great contender for a moniker.  No, the title of this post refers to the fact that these days, lots of folks seem to covering Long Island’s own Sinatra.

For example, take Hussalonia.  Go here to download, for free, their cover of the entire Glass Houses album.  That’s one I played until the needle wore through the wax.  Perfect album for a ten year old boy.  Especially All For Leyna.  Nothing like comparing love to electrocution.

So, today, we post a tribute to Billy Joel covers!

A is for Anthony’s Song-Garret Anderson.  I love this song because it sums up Billy so well: A Jew who wants to be Italian.

B is for Big Shot Pimpin’-Jay Z and Billy J.

C is for Charlotte Martin’s Madman/We Didn’t Start the Fire medley.

D is for Das Racist-You Oughtta Know. Not a mash up, a sample.  And one of the best songs in this post.

E is for Ernie Halter doing the lesser known Joel song “And So It Goes.”

F is for Fire!  We Didn’t Start The Fire-Hoosiers.

G is for Guster doing “My Life.”

H is for Hi8us’ version of Movin’ Out.

I is for Italian Restaurant-Ween.  See, I know Ween are being smartasses when they cover Billy, but I just don’t care.  I’m diggin’ it.  And they do it a lot.

J is for Just the Way You Are-Brian Chartrand.  See, now this song is just bad.  A great example of a bad song.

K is for Knuck if You Buck-Crime Mobb meets Billy Joel! (A mash up.)

L is for Leyna.  Hussalonia-All for Leyna.

M is for Movin’ Out-Tanner Walle.

N is for New York State of Mind-Travis Allison Band

O is for Only The Good Die Young-After the Fall.  O is also for Downeaster Alexa-O.A.R.  See, now I think this is an ambitious song to cover…

P is for Pale Pacific’s take on Anthony’s Song.

We Didn’t Start the Fire-PLeeko.  One of my favorite live covers on this post.  I love the tacky keyboards!

Q is for Big Shot-Raq.  Look, at least there’s a Q in there….

R is for Movin’ Out-Restless Groove.

S is for Robbie Schaefer’s version of You May Be Right.

T is for Tek and Steele-Reloaded (sampling Billy Joel’s “Pressure”).

U is for The Stranger-Umphreys McGee.  Anyone out there ever see this band live?  I love their stuff on the Archive.

W is for Weezer’s “Uptown Girl” cover.

Y is for You May Be Right-Grampa’s Chili

Z is for Zip File!

And back around to A again: A is for Alternate zip!


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