Does anyone remember the mixtapes of the ’90s?

Back then, you’d hear emerging rappers like 50 Cent and Lupe Fiasco dropping amazing verses, showing fury, talent, hunger and skill and mixing humor and street stories to create savage poetry. But most never got big like Lupe, and many shot their load early and had nothing to offer later (like Fiddy).

Screen Door Music reminds me of those old mixtapes. It’s got some really powerful street stories on it, like “Auntie,” which tells of how Jetto sells drugs out of his aunt’s house. Or the intro, where he talks about beating down his ops, saying, “blood spatter, I can feel his soul shatter…”

I can’t find much out about Jetto online. He’s emerging. Many of the songs on this album end quickly and feel unfinished. I hope that’s true–that he’s not done. Because I’d like to hear more from him.

From Iced Up records, you can buy it here.

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