Of course I’m going to listen to a new Conway mixtape. Organized Grime 2 is more like what we’ve come to expect–grimy street stories and claims to be the greatest rapper alive, punctuated by machine-gun laughs and recollections of the time he got shot. Conway is as dependable as any of the hardcore greats like Game, Ghostface, etc. And he deserves to be mentioned in the same lists as them.

His 2022 proper album “God Don’t Make Mistakes” showed a new level of sensitivity and depth. OG2 proves he can also still do what got him famous. It’s a very good album. I know there are those who will say it’s not a truly “great” one, but even if that’s true, it’s still among the best I’ve heard this year. Or last year, frankly.

Conway broke with Griselda before releasing “Mistakes,” but Benny the Butcher is on this album, as are several Griselda-adjacent performers like Flee Lord and Rome Streetz. Grime 2 also has a feature by Vic Spencer that, in my opinion, is better than anything Spencer has put on his own albums.

Conway remains the most interesting rapper alive today. OG2 is a solid entry to his catalog. It’s definitely better than the first one.

Now, this is a mixtape. You can pay $17 for it on Bandcamp, but you’re only getting half the album there (why is that???).

So, go dig around for it.

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