Homeboy Sandman has a new album. That’s good!

“There in Spirit” is a short album–seven songs and under a half hour–but it has a lot to say. Notably, we get hip hop’s first take on the classic Rosy Grier song, “It’s All Right to Cry.”

Sand has an entire song about how it feels good to experience genuine sadness instead of fronting about false strength: “I’m not gonna perpetrate/I will weep/When I feel weak/It feels sweet…”

It’s the best song on an album full of strong songs.

“Keep that Same Energy” is also about being authentic. And truly, authenticity has always been Sand’s trademark. He’ll speak honestly about eating good food in the same song that he admits to having a fat belly. He’ll seek better sales figures but also, clearly, be more about art than numbers.

I’ve added this to my overall ranking of HS’s albums, which you can find, updated, here.

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