ALBUM OF THE WEEK: K.A.A.N.’s “Long Time No See”

Before we get to the music: You may have noticed I’ve not been as present here. It’s because I just started a new blog, Earth’s Mightiest Blog, which has much more versatile functionality. And it will be solely about comic books–the other topic of this site. I’m moving and updating the 6K+ comic posts from here to there. Please go check it out and leave a comment.

And I still love music! So let’s get to that…

The title of K.A.A.N.’s new album is ironic. “Long Time No See.” K.A.A.N.’s discography is bottomless. And almost all the time, it hits right. This one does too.

His styles change up from song to song and often even within individual tracks.  Usually guys who release tons of volume tend to oversaturate the market and, frankly, it’s easy to get bored of them quick.  Not so K.A.A.N.  Check it out!

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