ALBUMS OF THE WEEK: Some Truly Underground Music by Animal Waves, Googie and Henry Canyons

This week, I’m recommending few really unknown 2020 releases.

First, Googie and Henry Canyons have produced a few singles before, but Hijinx is their first proper album. And it’s great. It has that alt-hip hop sensibility, with clear articulation, wide-ranging content, and funky beats, but is also genuine hip hop in the artistry and skill. Made me think of Jemini, Atmosphere, etc.

Most excellent.

Next, Animal Waves. I can pretty much guarantee none of you have heard this album yet. Frankly, I only found it because I stumbled upon an incredible mash-up cover this band did two years ago. One of Led Zeppelin’s best blues remakes, When the Levee Breaks, crashing headlong into Tom Petty.

If that song doesn’t move you, you just don’t like rock and roll.

So I was interested in the band. Clearly they had chops. But all I could find out is that the guitarist used to play with Lauryn Hill(!). And then, in May, a self-titled album dropped. And of course, because of COVID, there’s no tour. And little fanfare.

But if you like classic rock and blues, this is a keeper. Finding these guys reminds me of why I became a blogger, and why still do this–years after everyone else has moved on to something with fewer characters and less text.

I love independent, unknown bands!

And a few more, runners up:

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