G.O.A.T.: Not Pretty Enough by Kasey Chambers (2001)

Australian Americana singer/songwriter Kasey Chambers is one of those people not a lot of people know about, but those who do are in love with her. I don’t just mean they enjoy her music. I mean, they’re in LOVE with HER. Maybe I should stick to the first person. I am in love with Kasey. Her music has a power and vulnerability that is unmatched by nearly everyone…I’ve seen her twice and would have seen her a third time but I was hospitalized on the day of the show (arg! and I didn’t buy insurance!).

Her G.O.A.T. entry is her only real big hit, “Not Pretty Enough,” a heartbreaking song of insecurity. And on the next page, there’s a couple other covers of her songs in honor of her birthday, June 4, 1976.

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